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62 WHEN Radio's Boogaloo Bruce Siegel

Whenever they saw him... teen girls openly wept.  Call it hysteria.  Call it musical mayhem.   Call it idol worship... call it what you may... but whenever Boogaloo's music hit the airwaves at 62 WHEN in the 1980's,  listeners were sure to take notice. One thing for sure... this town was Boogaloo's

If you were an avid listener to 62 WHEN,  you well know that Boogaloo had five underwhelming hits he'll always be known for.   Can you name them?    Here's a hint...

To Check Your Knowledge...


Got One Right?  -  Go back to sleep!
Got Two Right? - Thanks for listening.
Got Three Right? - Go to the head of the class... and don't forget your radio.
Got Four Right?  -  Wow! Consider yourself an expert on 62 WHEN Trivia!!
Got All Five???  -   Get therapy...soon - You spent way too much time listening to 62 WHEN!!!

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